WWE news: Shane McMahon reveals true extent of his injuries from diving off cell vs Undertaker

McMahon suffered a gruesome injury at WM32

Shane McMahon has revealed the true extent of injuries he suffered during his Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32. 

The most memorable moment of the entire show saw Shane O’Mac dive from the top of the 20 ft structure, crashing onto the announce table below. 

All those who witnessed the stunt watched on in both excitement and horror, as the WWE star put his body on the line in the name of entertainment.  

Now, four years on, McMahon has revealed that Undertaker was actually against him doing it from the very start and explained how much of a toll that dive really took. 

“He was not a proponent of me jumping off the cage,” McMahon said of The Undertaker and WrestleMania 32, per ESPN.

“Not taking anything away from Mick Foley, but this was the new Hell in a Cell. This was bigger, substantially higher.

“Mark [Calaway] would say there were other things we could do, different iterations. But I told him no.

“This is what the story needs. It was David vs Goliath and you’re expecting David is just going to be killed. 

McMahon flew through the air at WM32

“In that match, I had exhausted everything in my toolbox to try and win. This is what WrestleMania needs.”

Shane went on to explain that he ‘blew his belly button out’ because he wasn’t expecting such a rough impact upon landing. 

It was reported at the time that he only suffered bruised ribs – but that’s not the case. In fact, his injuries were far more serious.  

McMahon's dive was iconic

“I blew my belly button out – an umbilical hernia – because I hit so hard [on impact]. I didn’t expect that force to be that hard. But oh my god, it was,” Shane continued.

“We knew we had it all the way through the match, just based on the reaction. He was happy with it when it was over.” 

It sounds absolutely brutal, but it seems all that McMahon was worried about, was putting on a show. 

McMahon and Undertaker put on a show

He and Undertaker certainly did that. Their match at WrestleMania will long be remembered by WWE fans – mostly for Shane’s 20 ft dive – of course. 

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