WWE news: Fans are not happy with company's tweet days after Drew Gulak's release

  • Alex Batt

Over the weekend it was announced that Drew Gulak would be leaving WWE following the expiration of his contract.

Both parties mutually agreed not to extend the deal, meaning he left the company with immediate effect.

This came as quite a shock to many of the WWE Universe, especially considering he had just wrestled on SmackDown on the Friday, before it was announced later the following day that he would no longer be part of the company.

Gulak was part of the Intercontinental Championship tournament and was sharing the ring with his training partner Daniel Bryan. The two had formed quite the team in recent weeks, with Gulak helping Bryan and vice versa.

In fact, it was probably the most air time Gulak had during his time with WWE, so that’s another reason why it came as a shock to many that he was leaving.

Of course, WWE had a mass release spree not too long ago, seeing over 20 people lose their jobs, including in-ring talent and off-screen personal. 

Gulak was obviously not one to lose his job at that point, but it was later reported that Vince McMahon would allow anyone to leave if they wanted. As a way of saving money during the coronavirus pandemic, McMahon would grant anyone their release should they want it.

Now clearly Gulak wanted to leave as he chose not to renew his contract, however, WWE’s tweet earlier today has seemingly annoyed A LOT of the WWE fans.

Posting a video clip of his match with Bryan that took place on Friday, WWE wrote: “@WWEDanielBryan and his training partner square off in the first round of the #ICTitle Tournament! #SmackDown”

On the surface the tweet doesn’t seem THAT bad, however, a lot of fans have picked up on the fact that WWE didn’t even mention Gulak’s name.

Below are just a handful, and we mean handful as there are A LOT, of replies to the tweet.


Another fan posted: “At least mention his name. Drew Gulak was a very talented and technical wrestler, you should’ve extended his contract.”


Just from those select screenshots and tweets you can see just how triggered the WWE fans are with the tweet.

Trust us when we say there are loads more of similar note as well.

Gulak was known as Bryan’s training partner, sure, but to not even put his name after that is just ridiculous. 

WWE once again being rather petty when it comes to former talent.

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