Cristiano Ronaldo had his legendary jumping scientifically studied in 2011

  • Kobe Tong
Real Madrid's Portuguese football player

Cristiano Ronaldo is the perfect example of an athlete in the beautiful game.

It’s been well documented by near enough all of Ronaldo’s former and current teammates that he gives 110% effort in every training session in order to be the best at every aspect of his game.

And while there’s no denying that Ronaldo is one of the most skilled technicians in football history, it’s his commitment to the physical side of the game that’s elevated him to the next level.

If it wasn’t for Ronaldo spending hours upon hours in the gym and recovering from matches in the early hours of the morning, it’s foreseeable that his decline would have set in years ago.

Instead, we’re seeing the Portuguese legend competing for Ballon d’Or trophies closer to his 40th birthday than his 30th and it’s been a real treat for football fans to behold.

‘Cristiano Ronaldo: Tested to the Limit’

But perhaps one of the best things that Ronaldo has ever gifted supporters was the unique look into his talent that was offered in the unforgettable ‘Cristiano Ronaldo: Tested to the Limit’ documentary.

Just recently, we looked back on how Ronaldo shaped up in the world of sprinting when he challenged Spain’s national 100m champion, but the physical testing didn’t end there.

One of the athletic abilities that Ronaldo is most famous for is his remarkable jumping, rising high above defenders to score stunning headers with a hang time you’d associate from NBA players.


Ronaldo’s jumping put to the test

But have fans been overhyping his jumping all along? Well, the documentary provides the answer to that question with scientists on hand to study exactly how the Real Madrid legends takes to the air.

At first, the testers focused on Ronaldo’s leg strength in isolation by making him jump with his hands on his hips, registering an elevation of 44 centimetres that, shockingly, is bang average.

However, when Ronaldo was given the freedom to his arms during take off, as he would during a football match, the results were simply staggering.

Ronaldo almost doubled his results by leaping 78 centimetres, which is higher than the average NBA player can and recorded a force of five times his body weight on the pressure pad.

That’s equivalent to 5G’s or the same force that astronauts experience at take off.

Ronaldo’s incredible physical attributes

But what’s most intriguing is Ronaldo’s ability to hang in the air, momentarily altering his centre of gravity by tucking the lower portion of his legs to buy himself an extra second.

It goes to show that when people call Ronaldo the ultimate footballing machine, it’s by no means an overstatement and his herculean leaping is just one of the ways in which he impresses.

Please don’t retire any time soon, Cristiano, we beg you.

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