FIFA player creates Twitter thread explaining how to improve the game for FIFA 21

Gamescom 2019 Press Day

A FIFA player has written an extensive Twitter thread detailing how the game can be improved for FIFA 21.

FIFA 20 wasn’t well received by gamers, garnering a terrible user score of 1.1 for both its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions.

The game was considered ‘broken’ when it was released in September 2019, with Career Mode players experiencing many problems including opponents fielding weaker teams and managers getting fired despite having good records.

The experience hasn’t improved significantly and fans are desperate for EA Sports to deliver a better game this year.

One player has even laid out the steps that should be taken to ensure FIFA 21 is a hit.

Twitter user @Rowettt has penned a thread that includes various changes and additional features that would make the game better.

And it’s getting plenty of support from gamers.

The suggestions are entirely focused on FIFA Ultimate Team, which is FIFA’s most popular game mode.

Fans responded to @Rowettt with their own ideas on how to improve the game.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to concerns that FIFA 21 will be delayed this season.

However EA Sports has reassured fans that they are on course to release the game on time, with September 25th, 2020 the expected release date.

EA Sports’ CEO Andrew Wilson recently said: “We have a long history of creating spectacular sports content that's not directly dependent or reliant on the real world of sports.”

Gamescom 2019 Press Day

CFO Blake Jorgensen added: “We know today people are engaging with sports because that's what they love to do.

"If you are a sports fan, it doesn't stop. And so the only way they're getting their sports engagement is through our games, and that's a huge benefit for us."

Here’s hoping they release a game that doesn’t require major fixes just weeks after it’s released, as was the case with FIFA 20.

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