Eddie Hall shares video 'exposing' Hafthor Bjornsson over World's Strongest Man cheating claim


Eddie Hall has ‘exposed’ Hafthor Bjornsson after the Icelandic strongman accused him of cheating at the 2017 World’s Strongest Man.

Thor refused to shake Hall’s hand on the podium and said he was robbed after The Beast claimed victory at the event in Botswana three years ago.

It started an ugly feud between the pair which has even led to them organising a boxing match in Las Vegas next year.

Unhappy with his name being smeared as a result of Thor’s claims, Hall has now posted a video on YouTube that attempts to disprove his rival.

Thor was deducted a point during the Viking press after being deemed by referee Colin Bryce to have ‘double-dipped’, which means to bend the knees during a rep.

The Game of Thrones star protested his innocence but new footage shows he did fall foul of the rules, clearly using a second movement in the process.

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The footage is included in Hall’s video…

Even the fellow athletes who competed at the event in 2017 were confused by Thor’s claims.

“I’m good friends with Hafthor but I don't think he has a leg to stand on with that argument," said Laurence Shahlaei.

"Eddie went after Hafthor on the Viking press. Did enough to win and that was that.

"Maybe Hafthor should've been given an extra rep or not, that's for the referee to decide. But Eddie went after and probably would've done another rep anyway."


Nick Best, who competed alongside Thor during the Viking press, added: "[Thor] could've won the airplane pull. He didn't, and he's one of the best vehicle pullers in the world.

"There was still so much of the contest left when that happened. There was still time for him to pull that out. 

"At the end of the day, in the events that were there Eddie won, fair and square."

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