Honda Civic with 1,500-HP breaks record by going from 0-60mph in just 1.1 seconds


A Honda Civic has broken records by travelling 0-60mph in just 1.1 seconds during the Haltech World Cup finals.

The car was competing in a quarter-mile run at Maryland International Raceway a few months back, where it completed the stretch in a ridiculously quick time of 7.45 seconds.

It broke the AWD (All-Wheel Drive) Honda quarter-mile record.

That Racing Channel spoke to Norris Prayoonto of P-Racing to discuss the drag racing team’s line-up of AWD/FWD Hondas, including the fifth-generation model with 1,500-horsepower.

Under the hood of the drag car, there’s a Prayoonto 2.2-litre K24 inline-four ending with billet pistons and a Supertech valvetrain.

There’s also “three injectors per cylinder, a Motec ECU, and a Garrett GTX50 76-millimeter turbocharger making 60-plus pounds of boost”, according to Road and Track.

Add in the four-speed dogbox and you’ve got a speedy car that can reach 60mph in 1.1 seconds.

People were surprised by Honda’s speed, with one comment on the YouTube video reading: “This vid makes me want to confiscate my daughter's 2000 Honda...Lol..."

Travelling a quarter of a mile in 7.45 seconds is faster than most Civics can do 0-60.

The sub-second 0-60mph is the next target.

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