WWE news: 'It made me want to cry' - Roman Reigns opens up on match vs Undertaker

Reigns and Undertaker's match at WM was underwhelming

Roman Reigns has revealed his match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 made him 'want to cry'.

The Big Dog was supposed to retire Mark Calaway that night, bringing an end to his near-30 year career in WWE, while pushing his own status as the company's top star to another level.

But that didn't happen, because the match was tough to watch for so many fans.

Despite leaving his iconic hat and coat in the ring, Undertaker felt 'disgusted' with how he wrestled and decided to postpone his retirement and redeem himself in the ring.

He's since gone on to wrestle nine more times, performing at two more WrestleMania's and a number of the Saudi Arabia PPVs.

While Calaway also admitted to feeling disappointed for Reigns, the man himself has not held a grudge about the match.

But speaking on the second episode of 'Undertaker: The Last Ride', he did open up about how emotional it made him feel.

"It’s just heartbreaking. It affected me. It made me emotional and made me want to cry. I don’t regret anything," Roman said.

Reigns was emotional after WM33

"Was it perfect? No. We were in the moment and as live performers, anything can happen. To be able to do that, it’s all coming back on his character.

"It’s all coming back to the responsibilities he holds in that he [Calaway] succeeds at. If there is something that has to be done, there is a goal at hand, the man gets it done. Plain and simple."

Reigns may feel that Undertaker 'got it done that night' but as we know, the man himself hasn't just settled for that.

He could have walked away after WrestleMania 33 but chose to 'redeem himself' instead and is still going strong in WWE three years later.

When he'll actually retire is still not known, but you can bet he'll settle for nothing less than perfect when it finally happens.

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