WWE news: Edge vs Randy Orton officially promoted as 'the greatest wrestling match ever'

Edge and Orton meet at Backlash in 'the greatest wrestling match ever'

WWE have confirmed Edge and Randy Orton will meet again at next month's Backlash pay-per-view. 

But this won't be any old bout, oh no... It's being promoted as 'the greatest wrestling match ever'. 

The pair have been involved in a vicious feud since Edge returned at the Royal Rumble in January. 

It was the Rated-R Superstar who picked up the win in a brutal Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania. 

Many expected that to be the end of the programme, but Orton has since challenged Edge to a rematch, which will take place at Backlash. 

So why exactly are WWE billing it as 'the greatest ever'?

Earlier this month, backstage announcer Charly Caruso stated on camera that it 'could potentially be the greatest wrestling match of all time' while interviewing The Viper.

WWE have since doubled down on that phrase and thus, are claiming it really will be the best ever. 

Are WWE over-selling the match?

Fans though aren't so sure. Many have argued the company are massively overselling the match. 

"Probably won’t even be the best match of the night," one tweeted. 

"Seriously. I'm begging for Edge and Randy Orton to tell them to stop. They're setting them up for failure. 

Edge and Orton confirmed the match this week

"Think about it. HBK vs. Angle. HBK vs. Taker. Flair vs. Steamboat. Austin vs. Bret. BETTER THAN ALL THOSE MATCHES?" a second person added. 

A third questioned: "Why do we have to add the tag line 'Greatest Wrestling match ever' to this Orton v Edge rematch? It doesn't fit the narrative of the story being told. Please stop." 

Of course, WWE are renowned for over-hyping matches. They've done it plenty of times in the past. But this Edge vs Orton promo seems far more OTT than it needs to be. 

This match didn't need over-hyping by WWE

Will the pair really deliver the 'greatest wrestling match ever'? Guess we'll have to watch and find out. Very clever, WWE. 

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