Sadio Mane and Liverpool stars look so bizarre with their lockdown haircuts

  • Kobe Tong

In the absence of Premier League action, supporters have come up with a new game: which footballer’s lockdown hair looks the weirdest?

We guarantee that at least one of you reading this has either taken the plunge by shaving your hair off or bravely given a pair of scissors to your partner with most countries’ hairdressers closed.

And although footballers might feel like a whole ‘nother tier of human beings sometimes, they have similarly been unable to get their trims attended to as the world fights against coronavirus.

So, with many of Europe’s biggest teams returning to training this week, some of the terrible trims across the beautiful game have been photographed for fans to see and poke fun at.

The likes of Anthony Martial, Ander Herrera and Morgan Schneiderlin had already made headlines for embracing the baldness, but we’re talking about the opposite: those who have grown it out.

Footballers… growing hair

The trend began with Ashley Young on Monday who, upon being snapped at Inter Milan training, had football fans creasing for having ditched a bald head for the first time in years.

We’ve all become used to see Young’s scalp shining without the hint of a hair during his time at Watford, Aston Villa and Manchester United, but no longer and it certainly looked bizarre.

Then there was N’Golo Kante, another player we’ve just assumed to be perpetually bald, only to be caught completely off-guard when he took to the pitch at Cobham with a head of hair.

Liverpool players’ lockdown haircuts

However, neither of those examples compare to what we’ve seen at Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon with another of trims attracting attention from fans across social media.

The Reds uploaded photographs from their training session at Melwood to Twitter and supporters couldn’t help noticing that players like Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino look, well, interesting.

Mane, bless him, hasn’t emerged from lockdown with a haircut that matches his skills on the pitch… we haven’t seen such a deep-lying line since Chelsea came to Anfield in April 2014.

As for Firmino, we couldn’t help smiling when we saw comparisons being made between the Liverpool striker and a young Ross Geller from friends.

Alisson Becker seems to have embraced his holy status on Merseyside by letting his luscious locks grow to extent that the Tom-Hanks-from-Castaway look is within reach.

And finally, Naby Keita joins his place alongside Young and Kante for just looking bizarre for having any hair at all, even if it isn’t particularly dodgy.

Lockdown haircuts

It’s easy to see why Liverpool fans have been tickled by these new images, that’s for sure.

Credit, of course, to the players for putting the nation’s health above his stylish looks and perhaps even for resisting a homemade haircut that could have made them look even worse.

But in a time where there isn’t much to smile about, we’ll take no shame in having a harmless laugh at the dodgy barnets that could be coming to a television screen near you very soon. 

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