Ronaldo Nazario vs Cristiano Ronaldo: The winner across every FIFA 20 attribute

Brazilian forward Ronaldo celebrates aft

Any football fan worth their salt knows there's two Ronaldo's in the beautiful game.

Ronaldo Nazario paved the way as one of the greatest players the sport has ever seen, bursting on to the scene with Barcelona and Inter Milan, only to suffer near career-ending injuries at the San Siro.

We never did see the young, unstoppable version of 'El Fenomeno' ever again, but he still had the ability to score twice in the 2002 World Cup final and shine as one of Real Madrid's 'Galacticos'.

However, by the time Ronaldo was winding down his career, a namesake of his was making waves at Manchester United and similarly moved to the Bernabeu after winning his maiden Ballon d'Or.

This remarkable player, called Cristiano Ronaldo, would go on to win the golden ball-shaped trophy six times, become Los Blancos' all-time record scorer and win Euro 2016 with Portugal.

Ronaldo vs Ronaldo debate

In other words, they're both two of the greatest athletes in history and the fact they have the same name means that comparisons between the two are inevitably given.

It's a debate that's gained traction during lockdown, too, with Roberto Carlos opining that the 'original' Ronaldo was the better player - and Jose Mourinho is inclined to agree.

But here at GIVEMESPORT, we've decided to put a unique twist on the Ronaldo vs Ronaldo debate by looking at one of the few objective ways we can contrast the two legends.


The answer according to FIFA 20

We've taken both their cards on FIFA 20 to see who comes out on top across the 29 in-game attributes that are broken down into three categories: physical, skill and mental.

In the interest of fairness, we've taken Cristiano's base card of 93 and chosen Ronaldo's 94 ICON card because the era of his career that it's representing is closest to his rival's current age of 35.

But disclaimers aside, you can check out which Ronaldo is allegedly better in each and every area of the beautiful game down below:


In Game: Physical

Acceleration: Ronaldo Nazario (94)

Agility: Ronaldo Nazario and Cristiano Ronaldo (87)

Balance: Ronaldo Nazario (81)

Jumping: Cristiano Ronaldo (95)


Reactions: Cristiano Ronaldo (96)

Sprint speed: Ronaldo Nazario (93)

Stamina: Cristiano Ronaldo (85)

Strength: Ronaldo Nazario (89)

Brazilian forward Ronaldo (L) fights off

In Game: Skill

Ball control: Ronaldo Nazario (94)

Crossing: Cristiano Ronaldo (84)

Curve: Ronaldo Nazario (84)

Dribbling: Ronaldo Nazario (95)

Round of 16 Brazil v Ghana - World Cup 2006

Finishing: Ronaldo Nazario (96)

Free kick: Ronaldo Nazario (90)

Heading: Cristiano Ronaldo (89)

Long passing: Cristiano Ronaldo (77)


Long shots: Cristiano Ronaldo (93)

Defensive awareness: Ronaldo Nazario (39)

Penalties: Ronaldo Nazario (90)

Short passing: Ronaldo Nazario (84)

Brazilian Ronaldo Nazario (R) tries to p

Shot power: Cristiano Ronaldo (95)

Sliding tackle: Ronaldo Nazario (38)

Standing tackle: Ronaldo Nazario (46)

Volleys: Ronaldo Nazario (90)

Real Madrid v Villarreal

In Game: Mental

Aggression: Cristiano Ronaldo (63)

Interceptions: Ronaldo Nazario (43)

Positioning: Ronaldo Nazario (96)

Vision: Ronaldo Nazario (84)

Composure: Cristiano Ronaldo (95)


Final score: Ronaldo Nazario 18.5-10.5 Cristiano Ronaldo

Milan  v Cagliari

Is the original Ronaldo superior?

So, there you have it, there's nothing like the original Ronaldo as far as FIFA is concerned.

We must admit that Ronaldo is at a slight advantage for being represented by a card in which he's much younger than 35, but the ratings are similar enough for us not to feel too bad.

What was perhaps most surprising is that Ronaldo managed to hold his own against Cristiano in the physical section, before really starting to pull away when it came to technical attributes.


But, hey, that's just what the boffins at EA Sports think - which Ronaldo would you rather choose? It's one of the toughest choices in football, after all.

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