WWE news: Shad Gaspard reacting to Kofi Kingston's title win at WrestleMania 35


The WWE Universe wakes up this morning remembering one of their former superstars. 

Unfortunately, Shad Gaspard's body was found washed up on a beach in Venice, California after he was taken by a riptide whilst swimming in the sea with his son.

Shad's last act alive was to instruct lifeguards to save his 10-year-old son, letting him fight for himself.

The boy was saved, but sadly, Shad's life was lost. He died a hero and that is how he will be remembered.

However, in the aftermath of his horrifying and truly heartbreaking passing, WWE fans have come together on Twitter to share their memories of the former Cryme Thyme member.

From videos of their SummerSlam debut, to getting D-X cheap tickets to shows, Cryme Thyme were a fun and entertaining tag team.

However, one clip that has been posted and has since gone viral is Shad after his in-ring career with WWE had ended.

In the video, both he and MVP can be seen watching WrestleMania 35, and after Kofi Kingston successfully obtained his first ever WWE title, the emotions were too much for both men.

With Kingston pinning Daniel Bryan making up the bottom half of the video, both MVP and Shad take up the top half, and it's clear to see just how much it meant to both of them.

Once the three-count finished, Shad was overcome with emotion and simply burst into tears, with MVP following soon after.

WrestleMania 35 was an emotional one for everyone in the WWE Universe, as years of hard work finally paid off for Kofi.

However, two of the most emotional men that night could have been Shad Gaspard and MVP.

We will always remember you, Shad. For your entertaining and impressive work in the ring, but also for your brave and heroic actions during your final seconds alive.

Rest in peace, legend.

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