New Call of Duty game could be titled Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


The new 'Call of Duty' title for 2020 may have been leaked.

According to reports, the latest instalment of the popular game will be named 'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War'.

If true, fans will be salivating on delving into the Cold War world of the 20th century.

A consistent leaker for 'Call of Duty' named Okami released an image on social media. The post contained cover art of the original 'Black Ops' cover, with ‘Cold War’ written underneath.

Eurogamer has since confirmed, through its own sources, that this is to be believed and will be the name of the upcoming game.

Previous reports had suggested that the 2020 release was scheduled to be a reboot of 'Black Ops' in some fashion. It definitely looks to be the case.

However, gamers on edge with excitement about the news have been told to curb their enthusiasm until an official press release from Activision themselves confirms this news.

They have so far declined to comment on the rumours.

According to Eurogamer reports, 'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' will jump into the 1960s and the world of mystery and suspicion in the Cold War.

This harks back to a time long forgotten, of historical 'Black Ops' titles before the historical instalments were ditched in favour of sequels set in contemporary or future times.

It is seen as a reboot of the franchise’s earlier titles, and one of the most popular 'Call of Duty' series.

The news of a 'Black Ops' re-launch isn’t too surprising a news item for long-time fans. Recently, 'Warzone' players had discovered little references and Easter eggs in the Battle Royale mode that pointed towards a 'Black Ops' resurgence.

References were seen packed away in patch notes for the latest update, which appeared to signal to the numbers station from the inaugural 'Black Ops' game.

Data miners somehow also discovered a hidden U-2 plane in the Battle Royale files. The U-2 plane, of course, is a kind of US military aircraft that was heavily used during the Cold War, in the height of intercontinental espionage.


It all comes together neatly with the proposal that the 2020 title is returning us to the Cold War. Rumblings have been heard that 'Warzone' are implementing a Cold War-style map, further fanning the flames.

'Call of Duty' titles are usually announced around early summer time so there is a discourse that the Cold War title will be officially confirmed imminently.

Of course, what follows is a litany of screenshots, trailers and all the teasing you’d expect with a heavily popular gaming franchise.

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