Call of Duty: Warzone named the 'most stressful' game to play in quarantine


With many of us stuck in quarantine, it’s no surprise 'Call of Duty'’s newest add-on has become hugely popular in recent weeks.

'Warzone' has continued to grow since its launch in March, with more than 60 million players heading to Verdansk to fight it out in the Gulag.

According to a new study from GamblersPick, the latest instalment in the 'Call of Duty' series is the most stressful game to play during lockdown.

'Fortnite' also ranked highly, which is interesting considering both titles feature similar Battle Royale modes.

Nintendo’s newest phenomenon 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' was voted the least stressful, closely followed by 'Minecraft' and 'Mario Kart'.

The study also showed the benefits of gaming during quarantine, with 77% saying it makes social distancing easier and 59% saying it helps them feel connected to their mates.

The majority of players use in-game chats to communicate, although Discord (27%), Skype (24%) and Zoom (18%) are also popular choices.

Another interesting takeaway from the study is that 31% of gamers use computers or laptops, while 23% are on PS4 and just 14% on Xbox One.

One of the downsides of 'Warzone'’s popularity is the issues they’ve had with hackers over the last month or so.


Many PC users found it easy to cheat and escape bans by creating a new account, which led many console players to disable the game’s cross-play feature.

However, developer Infinity Ward recently announced new measures to combat this problem, including two-step SMS authentication for anyone who logs into a 'Warzone' account.

Hopefully, this will help keep hackers out of lobbies so players can go back to enjoying, and probably stressing over, their epic battles in the Gulag.

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