Remembering Mike Tyson's most controversial knockout ever when he was just 18


Mike Tyson has been making headlines during lockdown by showing off his impressive physique and punching power in the gym.

He also sent tongues wagging at the prospect of coming out of retirement at the grand old age of 53, with rumoured fights against Evander Holyfield, Shannon Briggs and Danny Williams amongst others.

Whilst the rumour mill has been in overdrive in recent weeks, it has got fans and commentators alike reminiscing about some of his greatest victories during his illustrious and controversial career.

After two first-round stoppages in his first two fights, ‘Iron Mike’ delivered one of his most brutal, yet controversial, knockouts in the third bout of his career against the experienced journeyman Don Halpin.

Halpin came into the bout with a record of 10 wins and 18 losses at the time, so it was expected that he would not provide Tyson with too strenuous a test. Halpin used his guile and greater experience to survive early in the fight.

Tyson, by contrast, stared slower than he had done in his previous bouts, which prompted the fight commentator at the time to note, “It’s almost as if his corner have said to him, ‘Listen, you don’t have to win every fight inside one round.’”

In the fourth round, Tyson decided to crank up the gears and felled the hapless Haplin with a devastating right hand shot which sent him crashing against the ropes.

Haplin managed to get to his feet before being felled again with a barrage of punches from Tyson, which sent him towards the canvas.

Controversially, Tyson added one more crunching uppercut to the head whilst his opponent was already down on the floor, which is something he definitely wouldn’t get away with in today’s sport.

This earned him a telling off from the referee before he was able to celebrate the victory. This was the first of many infamous moments that littered Tyson’s career.

Watching Tyson at his peak is how most fight fans want to remember him. Talk of a comeback might well get juices flowing during lockdown, but it would be a shame to see such a great fighter potentially embarrassed in a future comeback fight.

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