Ultimate Team has generated a ridiculous amount of money for EA Sports


Ultimate Team is by far the most popular game mode on FIFA.

Ever since it was introduced on FIFA 09, millions of players have become addicted to Ultimate Team.

Ultimate Team has a feature where you have to spend money in order to buy packs.

These packs contain players, which you can then put into your club and play with them.

Using your own money to buy packs therefore gives you an incredible advantage.

It means you get better players, while you also get more money to spend on the transfer market.

For that very reason, millions of Ultimate Team players have resorted to buying packs and EA Sports have earned a tremendous amount of money.

And figures from the past five years show just how much money they have earned.


Daniel Ahmad, a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, tweeted how much revenue Ultimate Team has generated for EA Sports since FIFA 15.

And the total mind-boggling.

Since 2015, EA Sports have earned over $6 billion in net revenue from Ultimate Team across all franchise titles, including FIFA and Madden. 

You can view the breakdown below:

EA Net Revenue from Ultimate Team:

Fiscal Year 2020: $1.49bn

Fiscal Year 2019: $1.37bn

Fiscal Year 2018: $1.18bn

Fiscal Year 2017: $775m

Fiscal Year 2016: $660m

Fiscal Year 2015: $587m

Incredible. Every year, EA Sports puts more time and effort into Ultimate Team than any other game mode. Now you know why...


While the game mode is highly popular, it's almost extremely controversial.

There's an element of gambling involved, with FIFA players not assured to get value for money by buying packs.

And one high-profile name that recently complained about that is Sergio Aguero.

Speaking on his Twitch channel, the Manchester City striker said: “If you want to get colourful cards, you've got to get FIFA Points and put your card in to buy packs.

"It is like that. Don't expect something from EA because they won't give you anything..."

Aguero, as well as millions around the world, won't be too thrilled when they see how much money the game mode has made them in the past few years.

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