Remembering the interview that triggered Floyd Mayweather the most during his career

  • Will Day

Eleven years ago, ESPN’s Brian Kenny agitated Floyd Mayweather with a series of questions that the American clearly wasn’t wanting to answer, making for one of the best interviews in sporting history. 

It just is something that never gets old. 

Kenny introduced Mayweather as the ‘former pound-for-pound world number one', which instantly infuriated the boxer, sparking a five-minute argument for the rest of the interview. 

Mayweather, when first asked to speak, started off by stating: “Hey, how [are] you doing, I ain’t no former pound-for-pound number one, I’m just saying, I’m the best fighter in the sport of boxing.” 

Sensing the American’s anger, Kenny ripped into the undefeated fighter for the rest of the interview, making for one of the most comical interviews in history. 

Mayweather, who at the time of the interview was 39-0, asked Kenny how he wasn’t the P4P number one, to which Kenny simply replied: "because you retired."

Money went into full defence mode, and with his back up against the ropes, said: “But have I ever been beat? I already forgot who I was talking to, I’m talking to Brian Kenny, someone who has never laced up gloves in his life. 

“You know nothing about boxing."

Kenny, who was grinning and trying not to laugh, sarcastically told Mayweather: "it’s good to have you back." 

Despite Kenny clearly spotting he had provoked Mayweather, the reporter decided it was best to carry on for the rest of the interview, asking questions that he knew would get a reaction. 

Kenny then started talking about Manny Pacquaio. 

Clearly this was going to get Mayweather worked up as rumours of the super-fight had been leaked and others thought Pacquaio was the greatest. 

Kenny just couldn’t stop himself asking about why Mayweather was fighting someone two classes below his usual welterweight division, again sparking a mini tantrum from 'Money'. 

Since that interview, Mayweather is 11-0, and sits on a healthy record of 50-0 (27KOs). 

Although he is currently inactive, rumours of a rematch with UFC’s Conor McGregor never seem to go away, some even thinking the super-fight could come as soon as the summer of 2021.

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