Call Of Duty: Warzone gamers express concerns over the latest Gulag weapons


‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ players have reportedly expressed unhappiness with the latest weapons update on the Battle Royale mode.

The big 1.21 update was introduced earlier this week and featured automatic weapons such as the M13 assault rifle, SMGs submachine gun and one of the most popular weapons in ‘Call of Duty’ to use the MP5.

The idea behind their addition was to give players, who do not necessarily have the best shot, more of a chance to win matches in the Gulag arena.

However, some gamers believe that the inclusion of automatic weapons has stripped away some of the intensity.

A player posted via Twitter, saying: “You guys Infinity Ward, Call of Duty, Activision ruined Warzone by adding automatic weapons to the gulag.

“You seriously need to listen to the community. We want pistols only and no equipment.”

Indeed, weapons such as pistols and shotguns have tended to encourage accuracy and skill when it comes to executing precise shots.

It also gave gamers a lot more satisfaction somewhat knowing that they outmanoeuvred an opponent and proved that they got the better of that particular exchange.

Other players have also suggested that the easier access to automatic weapons has encouraged the playing style often referred to as camping.

AdvancedWolverine, a Reddit user, wrote: “It feels like such a spray and camp fight. It’s no fun. It’s just wait until you spawn.”

The growing trend of the camping strategy does present the opportunity to be countered by equipment such as stun and flash grenades, which does in turn add some unpredictability to the proceedings.

This latest alteration certainly appears to not have the positive reaction that Infinity Ward was looking for among the Modern Warfare fans.

For now, at least anyway, the addition seems to be something that players will have to adapt to.

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