Happy birthday to Novak Djokovic - the man who will overtake Roger Federer at the top

  • Alex Batt

Who is the best tennis player of all time?

It's a question that to this day raises serious debate, but what makes it so special and so unlike other sporting debates is the fact that the three in contention are ALL still active and are all still playing the beautiful game.

Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic. These are the three men vying for that title, and on his 33rd birthday, it's time to pay tribute to the Serbian, who, in our opinion, will finish with the most Grand Slam titles.

When you talk about tennis and when you talk to fans about their favourite players, very few say Djokovic. Despite his unbelievable talent on the court and his sensational desire to win matches, people just haven't taken to him like they have Nadal and Federer.

A lot of people accuse him of cheating or showing bad sportsmanship when he's out on the court, but it truly is hard to deny just how much of a talent he really is, and on his 33rd birthday, it's time to accept he may end as tennis' GOAT.

So, let's look at the current facts and the current state of play.

As we all know, Federer is sitting nicely at the top of the tree as things stand with a very respectable 20 Grand Slams. Very close behind him is his long-term nemesis and rival Nadal, who sits on 19, with the majority of his coming from the French Open.

Dropping just two behind Rafa and three behind Roger is Djokovic, the man who we are tipping to finish with the most Grand Slams.

The just-turned 33-year-old has 17 Grand Slams to his name, but has age on his side compared to Nadal, who is about to turn 34, and Federer, who is 39 later this year.

Common sense would dictate that the Swiss superstar probably doesn't have long left, especially at the top, and with coronavirus ruling out two Grand Slams already this year, time is ticking.


As for Djokovic, he could feasibly go until he's 39 himself, and that's another six years.

Six years. Four Grand Slams a year. That is 24 Grand Slam trophies up for grabs.

Of course, he's not going to win them all, with Nadal still taking home several here and there, and also the younger generation coming through, but you'd back him to win at least five of those, probably more.

Just by that logic alone, Djokovic is going to storm and fly past Federer's 20.

It's easy to say this without taking into consideration possible injuries, but should he stay fit and healthy, Djokovic WILL finish his career with the most Grand Slams.

Maybe it's time to finally put some respect on his name and acknowledge just how good he truly is.

Happy birthday, Novak!

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