Sergio Aguero phones Lionel Messi during Twitch stream


Sergio Aguero has been keeping himself busy during lockdown by playing video games.

The Manchester City striker has often been seen streaming on Twitch playing a number of different games on his PS4 console.

He went viral for his uncanny reaction when he missed a chance with himself on FIFA.

He was also spotted propping up his camera with a Premier League Player of the Month award. How big time can you get?

But Aguero may have just topped it all.

During a Friday night Twitch stream, Aguero decided to call a friend of his. A certain Lionel Messi.

What proceeded was a rather surreal chat that fans could enjoy for a whole 10 minutes.

Of course, it’s all in Spanish but we’ve translated the best bits.

“What happened to you today that you phoned me at 9 in the morning,” Messi asked immediately.

“I had to do the (coronavirus) test,” Aguero replied.

“But why did you call me?” Messi asked again.

“At 9 in the morning? … Me?” Aguero replied.


“9 or 10 I don’t know, over there. Yes, when I was going to take the test,” Messi responded.

“I don’t know, it was to say good morning to you. It’s just that I saw you on my phone and I said ‘Hey, cool,’ … I was bored and well, it was 9 in the morning and I said I’m going to call … What do I know?” said Aguero, to which Messi could be heard laughing.

Conversation then turned to Aguero’s upcoming birthday on June 2, one that he won’t be able to spend with his friends.

“This is the first year that we haven’t spent together, a**hole,” Aguero told Messi.


“Locked up, you can not do anything there,” Messi replied.

“What are you going to give me? Look, June 2 is mine and I can’t do anything. If not even four of us can get together here, we’ll see what happens on that date,” Aguero said.

They two Argentines then talked about Aguero’s Twitch account – which has more than one million subscribers – and plenty of fans listening to every word spoken by two legendary players.

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