WWE news: Undertaker, HBK and Triple H reacting to infamous Crown Jewel match is hilarious

Those involved in the match knew how bad it was

The 2018 Crown Jewel pay-per-view will live long in the memory for WWE fans - but probably not for the right reasons. 

Aside from the controversy around holding another event in Saudi Arabia, the matches on the card were a huge letdown. 

Shane McMahon winning the World Cup and Brock Lesnar squashing Braun Strowman to win the Universal Championship are two obvious examples of underwhelming bouts. 

But the real disappointment came from the main event.

D-Generation X vs The Brothers of Destruction. Shawn Michaels and Triple H vs The Undertaker and Kane. 

Four Superstars in the main event with a combined age of 206. It was set up for failure, right? 

Well, failure is what we got. The match was lacklustre, far too long and full of missed spots and dangerous botches. 

But what did the men involved in the match make of it all? 

The match was controversial

Thanks to Chapter Three of 'Undertaker: The Last Ride' we now know, because Michaels, Triple H and Mark Calaway were all interviewed about the infamous match. 

In fact, their thoughts on it are brutally honest, and it makes for hilarious viewing. Let's start with Triple H, talking about how he tore his pec (ouch) that night:

"My arm was hooked [on the rope] deep and it was just… gone," he began.

Triple H injured himself in the match

"I said, 'I just tore my pec off' and Shawn never panics, but I remember looking at his face and he was like ‘you’re kidding me’.

"At one point I remember looking up and it looked like Kane’s whole head fell off because his mask came off… It couldn’t have gone any worse."  

So how did his DX partner, The Heartbreak Kid, feel about the match?

Michaels said the match 'blew'

"Oh, goodness. It totally blew."

Finally, Undertaker gave his opinion on the match and revealed he blames himself for how badly it went.

It was a total trainwreck… It was a disaster.

"I took a lot of responsibility for that because my mind, I wasn’t there. I was there physically but mentally I wasn’t there. 

Undertaker blames himself for the match going wrong

"Michelle and I had some personal things going on with other parts of the family and I had that drama going on in my head, I was all consumed with it."  

You've got to admire the honesty from those involved. It really was a car crash of a match and one they'll all hope to forget.  

Chapter three of Undertaker: The Last Ride will air on WWE Network from Sunday. 

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