Viral video shows Ronaldinho could do anything he wanted with a football


Ronaldinho was an incredible footballer.

After conquering Brazil with Gremio, Ronaldinho became a household name with his performances for Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain in the early 2000s.

And, after two seasons in France, the world’s best clubs were chasing the Brazilian.

Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson tried to sign him, but it was eventually Barcelona who won the race for Ronaldinho.

He signed for the Catalan giants in a €30 million deal in 2003.

And he would go on to become one of Barca’s best ever players.

In five seasons with the club, he scored 94 times in 207 games.

He helped Barcelona to five major honours, including the Champions League title in 2006. He also won the Ballon d’Or in 2005.

Unfortunately, Ronaldinho’s off the field antics means his time at the very top was not as long as it should have been.

However, at his best, he was absolutely terrifying.


He possessed pace and skills in abundance. He must have humiliated hundreds of footballers using his trickery during his time at Barcelona alone.

Many would say he is the most entertaining player they have ever watched. And you couldn’t argue against that.

A video which remembers how good he was has emerged on Twitter titled: “Ronaldinho could do almost anything he wanted with a football.

“This stats obsessed era will never truly appreciate his genius.”

The video features him scoring incredible goals, producing brilliant passes and embarrassing people with skills.

The clips are mostly taken from his time at Barcelona, although some clips are also from his time playing for Gremio and Brazil.

And it’s a terrific watch. View it below:

What a video. The tweet has since gone viral, attracting over 15k retweets and 36k ‘likes’.

Football fans have been praising Ronaldinho and you can view some of the best tweets below.

He really was something else. There is no footballer like him playing in the world today.

Neymar is perhaps the best comparison, but even he isn’t anywhere near as good as Ronaldinho was in his peak.

And that’s no disrespect to Neymar at all. Ronaldinho was just an animal. It’s just a shame his time at the very top of the game was so short.

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