Call of Duty: Warzone squad smash kill record with incredible 138 in one game


Call of Duty: Warzone has been keeping a lot of people sane during lockdown.

Millions of players from around the world have jumped on to the game to see if they can emerge victorious in the battle royale.

While simply getting wins is the main objective for most casual players, the very best Call of Duty players have been aiming to get as many kills in a single game as possible.

Just a week ago, the kill record stood at 113 kills.

That seems like an incredible total, but it didn't take long for that mark to be beaten.

Six days ago, streamers Teepee, Symfuhny, HusKerrs and DougisRaw managed to improve that tally by eight as they dropped 121 kills.

But that total has now been shattered. We thought 121 kills was going to take some beating, but we're pretty sure the new record is going to be almost unbeatable.

That's because the record is now 138 kills. Yeah, you read that right. 138.

Vikkstar123 teamed up with FaZe Priestahh, FaZe Cellium and FaZe aBeZy in the early hours of Sunday morning, where they had their record-breaking game.

Every player got over 30 kills and 10000 damage. That's absolutely insane.

Vikkstar123 also claims that the record came in a 135 player lobby.

That means that they actually got more kills than people in the lobby.

For some people that may be wondering how that's possible, players that are eliminated in the game have the chance to respawn by winning their 1vs1 in the gulag.

Players can also be brought back by their teammates for $4500.

Watch the squad get 138 kills by clicking here:  

Vikkstar123 has also tweeted that the rest of the lobby got 147 kills combined - just nine more than his squad of four.

We can't see the record being beaten for some time. But we were wrong before, so perhaps we will be wrong again...

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