UFC news: Jon Jones and Nate Diaz respond to Conor McGregor's rankings

  • Alex Batt

Even when he is not fighting, Conor McGregor is causing havoc in the world of UFC.

The Irishman doesn't even need to have a scheduled fight and he still manages to ruffle feathers and bring attention to the sport. That is why he's the company cash cow and that is why Dana White loves him so much.

Although UFC has continued to run during the coronavirus pandemic, there was no fighting action this weekend, but that didn't stop 'Notorious' from making the news and bringing attention back to the sport.

What was a normal Saturday afternoon turned into a internet brawl after McGregor posted a thread about who the company GOAT was.

Maybe surprisingly, he didn't put himself top, but he did slot himself in second place, only behind Brazilian icon Anderson Silva.

Behind him in third and fourth? Well McGregor gave those spots to Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones respectively, and it was the latter who reacted to the thread on his own personal Twitter account.

The American, who is often dubbed the greatest to step foot in the Octagon, especially in the light heavyweight division, simply posted an image of the most wins in UFC title bouts.

Of course, Jones sits atop this list, with McGregor nowhere in sight.

'Bones' then followed it up by saying he'll let fans do the talking, whilst quoting Khabib Nurmagomedov's reaction to McGregor's ranking.

Funnily enough, Khabib was nowhere to be seen on McGregor's list, and nor was the next guy to react to the Irishman's thread.

Nate Diaz was also quick to tweet about what he had seen, and it's safe to say, as you'd expect with Nate Diaz, he didn't hold anything back.

He posted: "Smoked the #1 p4p and double champ know the real Goat when you see him And don’t forget I did it better and quicker than anyone else on the ground and sent him down with punches quicker than Mayweather did so f**k alll y’all rankings and know a real goat when you see me."

Diaz also accompanied the tweet with a few images of him beating down McGregor during their first encounter, which he won.

So it's safe to say that even without a fight upcoming, McGregor can still rattle every single one of his rivals with a simple tweet.

He truly does live rent free in the head's of these guys, doesn't he?!

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