Polara Golf genuinely sell balls that only go straight

  • Alex Batt

Much to our delight, the easing of lockdown over the past few weeks has meant that many golf courses around the world can open its doors once again.

Of course, each golf club will have their own set of rules and how they want to operate, but it means we can finally get back on the fairways… or the bunkers, depending on your skillset.

It’s been a long few months without being able to hit the tees and step onto the glorious greens, but with lockdown rules easing, it’s time to dust off your clubs and get back out there on the course.

And, as you’ve been away for a couple of months, why not treat yourself to a set of balls that will ONLY go straight.

No, we’re being deadly serious, there are actual balls you can buy that only go straight no matter how hard you try to mess it up. The only downside to them is that they are illegal, so you can’t enter tournaments with them… obviously.

However, you could comfortably use them against your mate and they’d be none the wiser. After all, we’re all going to need a little helping hand for our first round back after lockdown.

So what are these magical balls and where can you find them?

Well, Polara is the company that has made them, and they are called ‘Ultimate Straight’… the name is literally in the title.

The company claim to have developed a golf ball that significantly limits the damage of your wayward shots. It’s suggested that a ball that normally slices 100 feet would only slice about 25 feet with the exact same swing.

How good is that?!


“This reduction in lift translates directly into a reduction of the force tending to cause the ball to curve from a straight trajectory, resulting in a hook or slice,” Polara say.

Now it’s not as easy as just placing the ball down, swinging and then watching your ball fly straight, oh no.

From the tee, the arrow on the ball needs to be aimed directly at your target. If you’re on the fairway, play the ball as it lies or re-adjust the ball orientation so the arrow is still pointing to the target.

If you have to play the ball as it lies, it will fly like a normal golf ball.

Don’t believe us that this works and it’s a legit thing? Well watch Rick Shiels, famous YouTuber golfer, test them out in the video below.

Now do you believe us?!

There are genuinely balls out there that will only fly straight for you, so what are you waiting for?! Go and buy a set and stun your mates when you’re back on the course together!

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