Mainz vs RB Leipzig: Fake crowd noises played on US TV for Bundesliga clash

  • Kobe Tong

Football fans have been tuning into Bundesliga action for the last week.

As the world slowly emerges from the horrors of the coronavirus pandemic, supporters have been waiting impatiently to see which of Europe’s leagues will be the first to return.

The Bundesliga’s comeback on March 16 hasn’t sparked the domino effect that some might have anticipated, but it’s made for a welcome change to see top-class league action back on our television screens.

If there’s one thing that takes away from the games, though, it’s the fact that no fans are in attendance and watching fixtures in this manner certainly takes some getting used to.

It’s so bizarre hearing players bark orders at set-pieces with full clarity, the ball rattling against the net like some sort of earthquake and, well, a whole lot of awkward silences in between.

Mainz 0-5 RB Leipzig

But fear not, because a new approach was taken for Mainz’s clash with RB Leipzig this weekend, which ordinarily would have prompted no end of reactions from those in attendance.

Liverpool target Timo Werner scoring a hat-trick in a 5-0 demolition job is pretty note-worthy, after all, but American viewers were arguably given the ‘real’ experience of the game.

It was initially presumed that Mainz themselves were pumping crowd reactions into the stadium, but Joe Prince-Wright of NC confirmed that US television were responsible for the effect.


Fake crowd noise on US TV

“So, players in Mainz v Leipzig cannot hear the crowd noise in the stadium,” he explained on Twitter.

“But TV audience here in the USA can. hear the crowd noise. Sound engineer has the choice on when to play certain cheers, chants or boos. This is fascinating.”

You can check out a video of the fake atmosphere down below to see how you find the potentially revolutionary idea:

WITH fake crowd noise

WITHOUT fake crowd noise

A fan or not?

Well, it’s certainly something.

Fans have pretty much been divided down the middle by this new addition with some arguing that it gets on their nerves and others claiming that it makes the game seem normal again.

One supporter wrote: “The pumped in crowd sound in this Mainz-Leipzig game sounds real. Took me 15 mins into the game to remember there are no fans there.” 


Though another penned: “The fake crowd noise in Mainz is so lame and it is making me cringe. We better not use that s*** over here.”

But what’s your opinion? Would you like to see TV companies pumping in fake noise for the Premier League, La Liga or Serie A? Plenty of people will be angry either way, that’s for sure.

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