UFC news: The 20 greatest fighters ranked after Conor McGregor's GOAT list

  • Alex Batt

Despite there being no UFC action this weekend, the sport has still been dominating the headlines thanks to Conor McGregor taking to Twitter to post his GOATs of the company.

Interestingly enough, ‘Notorious’ didn’t actually put himself top of the list. Instead, he slotted himself in second behind Brazilian legend Anderson Silva.

He did, however, put himself ahead of Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones, much to the dismay of the latter, who took to Twitter to defend his status in the company, highlighting how many UFC title fights he’d won.

Another man that was triggered by McGregor’s tweet was current foe Khabib Nurmagomedov, who didn’t even get a mention. Of course, the Russian tapped the Irishman out when they met in the Octagon back in 2018, so he was quick to rubbish the rankings.

That wasn’t it, though, far from it. Nate Diaz was also left confused and angered by McGregor’s tweet, also replying and backing himself as the best P4P fighter going. He also reminded ‘Notorious’ of what happened when they first met inside the cage.

McGregor has done a great job in triggering his rivals, but it did get us thinking; what is the ranking like in UFC history?

Well, thanks to Tapology, we can see who has been ranked in the top 20 and see where McGregor himself sits, as well as his rivals.

So without further ado, here are the top 20 UFC fighters of all time.


20. Amanda Nunes

19. Frankie Edgar

18. Cain Velasquez

17. Max Holloway

16. BJ Penn

15. Dan Henderson

14. Stipe Miocic

13. Dominick Cruz

12. Conor McGregor


11. Matt Hughes

20-11 Summary

So there is the first part of the rankings, and as you can see, McGregor doesn’t even make the top 10 despite what he said.

He sits nicely in 12th, but with him being an active fighter, over the course of time, he could find himself creeping up the rankings. For now, however, he’ll have to deal with being 12th.

Amanda Nunes just makes it into the top 20, being the only female to do so.

Sadly for Nate Diaz, however, he didn’t make the cut.


10. Randy Couture

9. Chuck Liddell

8. Jose Aldo

7. Khabib Nurmagomedov


6. Daniel Cormier

5. Fedor Emelianenko

4. Demetrious Johnson

3. Anderson Silva

2. Jon Jones

1. Georges St-Pierre

10-1 Summary

If McGregor was annoyed at being 12th, he’s going to be even more annoyed now that he’s realised long-term nemesis Khabib is ranked above him. The Russian slides in at seventh, which is highly resectable considering he’s still an active fighter and got plenty left in the tank to edge up higher.

Another enemy of McGregor sits above him as well in Jose Aldo, who makes it in at eighth.

To give the Irishman credit, however, he did mention the top three on this list in his top four. 

Anderson Silva, who McGregor calls the GOAT, sits in at third, just behind Jon Jones in second and Georges St-Pierre in first.


So if these rankings are to go by, McGregor naming Silva the GOAT is wrong, and it is in fact St-Pierre who should be recognised as the best ever.

A lot of UFC fans already think that anyway, so maybe this list has just reassured them that they are right and McGregor is wrong.

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