Steven Gerrard's superb highlights during Man City 2-2 Liverpool in 2013 emerge

  • Kobe Tong

Steven Gerrard is one of the greatest players the Premier League has ever seen.

It was an emotional moment when the Liverpool great kissed goodbye to the competition he’d graced with so many memorable goals, passes and tackles in 2015.

Half a decade has passed since we’ve seen Gerrard pulling the strings in the Premier League, now managing Scottish giants Rangers after a victory-lap spell with LA Galaxy.

But in a time where England’s first division is forced to wait on the sidelines as we combat the spread of COVID-19, fans have been turning their attention to throwback videos and clips.

So, through the medium of YouTube videos and compilations, we can bring back lost eras of the beautiful game that we want to enjoy before its safe for the contemporary action to return.

Remembering Gerrard’s brilliance

Naturally, Gerrard has been put under the microscope on numerous occasions with his individual highlights in the 2005 Champions League final going viral for obvious reasons.

But sometimes it’s the easily forgotten performances that, when rediscovered, give the most satisfaction as some sort of forgotten gem – and that’s exactly the case this week.

That’s because Twitter user @lfcgdon has put together a montage of one of Gerrard’s most underrated displays of all time.


Gerrard’s masterclass vs Man City

It’s from the 2012-13 season, often forgotten as Brendan Rodgers found his feet at Anfield, when the Reds secured an unlikely 2-2 draw away to reigning champions Manchester City.

It shows Gerrard not only providing an assist and scoring an absolute belter, but also playing City off the park singlehandedly with some remarkable passing, creativity and defending.

Frankly, it’s criminal that the video has received less than 50 retweets at the time of writing, so give the montage the views it deserves by checking out Gerrard running circles around City.

What. A. Player.

Once Liverpool had gotten over the hump that was Roy Hodgson’s doomed tenure at the club, Gerrard seemed to experience something of a second wind on the road to retirement.

This blistering display against Roberto Mancini’s City can be seen as a precursor for the title challenge of the next season where Gerrard produced the most assists in the league. 


It was, in other words, the beginning of a final hurrah from Gerrard in his quest to finally win a Premier League title for the Reds.

Of course, we all know that never worked out, but what’s a Premier League trophy to an absolute bucketful of Premier League memories like the video above? Priceless.

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