WWE news: Seth Rollins claims The Undertaker's character 'doesn't work today'

The Undertaker's character doesn't work today

Seth Rollins has suggested The Undertaker's WWE character 'doesn't work' in today's world.  

The Deadman has been making headlines recently as his documentary 'The Last Ride' is pulling back the curtain on his iconic 30-year career. 

Fans have been given a real insight into the life of Mark Calaway, who until now, had the most protected gimmick in wrestling history. 

Rollins, one of WWE's current top stars, has explained why he thinks that The Undertaker's character 'doesn't work today'.

"The smart thing about this with Taker is, he did it at the right time in his career," Rollins told Corey Graves' After the Bell podcast.

"12-year-old you, if you had seen The Last Ride, it would have ruined everything. But we didn’t have that.

"His character doesn’t work today. There are some weird exceptions, Bray Wyatt comes to mind from an ultra-character perspective who sort of slides by a little bit or gets a pass.

"The Undertaker character is so supernatural, so now that he’s at this point in his life where he is comfortable transitioning out of the character and into Mark Calaway, it makes it okay for me to watch it and see him being a human being. 

WWE have pulled the curtain back on Undertaker

"In the long run, I think it will help him transition into being himself and retirement and whatever the next phase of The Undertaker looks like."

Rollins' suggestion is far from a criticism. In fact, he makes quite a good point.  

For nearly three decades The Undertaker was so well protected outside of the WWE ring and he genuinely was the most mysterious athlete in the world. 

Rollins claims The Undertaker's character wouldn't work today

Could he have achieved that level of mystique in a modern world, where social media makes it almost impossible? Probably not. 

As Rollins says, now is the perfect time to pull the curtain back on 'Taker, which will allow him to transition into Calaway - the man behind the character - and eventually, retirement. 

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