Eddie Hall uploads new training video highlighting what he's doing ahead of 'The Mountain' fight

  • Alex Batt

Ever since Hafthor Bjornsson broke Eddie Hall's world record for a single deadlift, the entire world has been gripped with the renewed rivalry between the pair.

Their rivalry isn't a new thing, however, oh no. It's been there for several years now and it stems from back in their World's Strongest Man days, with it reaching its pinnacle during the 2017 edition of the competition.

After Hall secured victory, he was deemed a cheat by his Icelandic rival, who took the loss very badly and claimed he was cheated out of victory himself.

Since then, the two have never seen eye-to-eye, and it's all kicked off again following 'The Mountain' deadlifting 501kg, beating Hall's world record in the process.

Of course, Hall responded by saying he didn't think it counted as it wasn't done in a competition environment, and that then led to two suddenly agreeing to a boxing fight in Las Vegas next year.

So now it's set in stone. Next year we will see Eddie Hall vs 'The Mountain' in a boxing ring, and everyone is actually buzzing for it.

Ever since the fight has been announced, loads of fans have been searching around and digging up old footage of the two in a boxing ring, with both having minor experience donning the gloves.

'The Mountain' has sparred a few times in training, whilst Hall had a charity fight a few years ago, as well as sparring with Tyson Fury's cousin Hughie.

Although there's still well over a year until fight night, the anticipation is hot, and every upload Hall makes on his YouTube channel quickly rakes up the views, and his latest one is no different.

Posted just yesterday, his new video titled 'How I'm training for the fight - Shoulders & Boxing Drills' has already obtained over 200,000 views.

In his newest video, Hall talks to his fans about how he's currently prepping for the fight, before demonstrating his routine.

After several weight sessions, he gets down to business in terms of boxing, using a ball attached to his head to test his reflexes, before working on the speed bag and the heavy bag.

Hall may not be a professional boxer, and he's not quite nailed the technique or the pace yet, but you cannot question how hard he can punch.

If he can improve his pace over the next year, he will certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

Over in camp 'Thor', he's been quite quiet on the training front, but he did claim he was retiring from World's Strongest Man competition following Hall's video exposing the truth of the infamous 2017 edition.

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