Nemanja Vidic vs Virgil van Dijk: Football fans vote Manchester United defender to lead the line

  • Alex Batt

Football fans love nothing more than having a good old debate.

Whether it be with their friends at the pub or on WhatsApp, or complete strangers online on Twitter or Facebook fan pages.

It’s a sport that simply relishes debate, and long may it continue.

Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? Patrick Vieira or Roy Keane? Thierry Henry or Didier Drogba? There’s always a debate to be had, and the latest one has sparked so much controversy in recent weeks.

What is the latest debate you ask? Well it’s none other than Nemanja Vidic or Virgil van Dijk. The reason why this debate is so controversial? They represent two of the fiercest rivals in Manchester United and Liverpool.

So we here at GiveMeSport have had enough of the bickering and enough of the viral threads calling the other one out.

We decided to run a poll on our official Facebook page, and allowed it to run for 24 hours, giving both camps enough time to vote and spread the message.

We now have our final answer.

Over 131,000 people left a vote on the poll, with the caption asking: “You can only choose one, who’s leading your defence?”

The winner, by the smallest of margins was… NEMANJA VIDIC!


In what was one of our closest polls ever, 52% of fans opted for Vidic over Van Dijk to lead the defence. 

Let’s be honest here for a minute, though, both centre-backs are elite and both could be deemed world-class at one point in their career.

When discussing best ever Premier League centre-backs, these two will be high up on that list, maybe even sitting in first and second respectively.

Vidic’s career was glittered with success at Old Trafford, but we also must remember than Van Dijk is far from finished.


He’s already won the Champions League with Jurgen Klopp’s side, and he’s about to become a Premier League champion as well.

If he can secure numerous titles at Anfield over the next few seasons or so, the result of this poll in say 2025 could look very different.

For now, however, the fans have chosen, and they are taking the Serbian as their leader at the back.

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