Cristiano Ronaldo has bettered Lionel Messi's trick shot in Juventus training


The Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi debate raging on is one of few things we can be certain about in this uncertain time.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic means we can't be sure of when either player will be returning to the pitch, but that hasn't stopped football fans from comparing them in the mean time.

It seems as though it's impossible to go a few days without a YouTube compilation, statistical analysis or Twitter thread popping up to cast a new answer on the perpetual argument.

Ultimately, though, it's what they do on the pitch that will endure the longest and give supporters the visual evidence to debate over for the years and decades after they both retire.

Besides, you certainly got the feeling during their Barcelona and Real Madrid days that there was a self-awareness between the two superstars to try and reach heights the other couldn't.

Messi vs Ronaldo rages on

Ronaldo has made that back and forth slightly more difficult by moving away from Spain to link up with Juventus, but the one-upmanship has continued through Ballon d'Or trophies.

Messi has pulled away with the advantage in that department after collecting his sixth trophy last year, but we wouldn't put it past Ronaldo to equalise before 2020 is out.

And on the topic of Ronaldo trying to do things better than Messi, we can perhaps argue that that's the case even in lockdown.


Training trick shots

That's because Messi was seen doing an interesting training exercise this month where he juggled the ball and finally headed it into a net several yards away that resembled a basketball hoop.

It was pretty impressive, especially given the criticism for Messi's heading, but whether Ronaldo has been aware of it or not, he went one better with a superb trick shot in Juventus training.

CR7 casually scoop-lobbed the ball as if it was absolutely nothing into a basketball net beside the pitch, before casually celebrating to camera and walking away - check it out down below:

Did Ronaldo know about the Messi clip? Course not, but who cares? It's amusing nonetheless.

Besides, it would be fascinating to set Messi and Ronaldo a number of trick shot challenges - it's been all the rage in lockdown, after all - to see which of them would come out on top.

Only the Juventus photographer knows how many attempts it took Ronaldo to get the basketball shot right, for example, and it's impossible to say whether Messi could do it sooner or not. 


We'll just have to hope that a world where Messi and Ronaldo are finding the net with the same accuracy they are basketball hoops isn't too far away.

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