Nine-part documentary series about NFL's Tom Brady will follow The Last Dance

Brady will be the subject of an ESPN doc

Michael Jordan’s Last Dance documentary had sports fans across the world hooked.

The 10-part series followed the life of basketball’s greatest icon as he chased a sixth NBA title with the Chicago Bulls in 1998. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a football fan, a rugby man or even a golf enthusiast, The Last Dance is essential viewing for everybody. 

So how are ESPN going to top it? Well, by doing it all over again in 2021. 

Hot off the back of the MJ success, the network is planning to release ‘Man in the Arena’ – a documentary following the NFL’s biggest star, Tom Brady.  

The nine-part series will explore how Brady became one of the most successful American football players of all time and each episode will focus on one of his nine Super Bowl runs.

Producer Gotham Chopra gave fans a tease of what’s to come earlier this week and explained why Man in the Arena will be different from The Last Dance. 

“It’s not Tom Brady’s Last Dance,” Chopra told Sports Illustrated

Brady's doc will drop in 2021

“It’s not that. That may or may not exist 20 years from now, I don’t know. There’s this sort of immediacy to this.

“The premise [of The Last Dance] was telling stories about the seasons, whereas [Brady’s], it does feel a little bit more real-time.

“Tom continues to be an active player. So the idea is, ‘let’s talk about these nine seasons, this incredible body of work across 20 years, and how it’s still sort of affecting him.’

Brady is a six-time Super Bowl champion

“Jordan’s sitting on a couch, looking back, literally looking at stuff on the iPad, reminiscing about things.

“Tom’s kind of, just when you’re talking to him, it’s still very fresh, because he’s still processing a lot of things that may have happened across a season.”

As well as covering each of the Patriots Super Bowl runs, Man in the Arena will also focus on the ‘Spygate’ and ‘Deflate-gate’ controversies that drew criticism from around the league. 

Chopra did confirm that as of now, there are no plans to follow Brady as he embarks on a new chapter with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Still, Man in the Arena promises to be more essential viewing, offering insight into the life of a true sporting GOAT. 

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