The most hated clubs in England based on chants aimed at them


Football fans love to hate a rival club almost as much as they love to support their own.

During a derby match, you’re probably more likely to chant about your hatred for the opposition than support for your own side.

While the team you support will never change, the team - or teams - you hate will develop over time.

There are many reasons for hating another club.

It could be local rivalry. Something historic. The fact they’re successful. A controversial incident involving your own club. A dislike for their manager or certain players. Or, simply, because your friend supports them.

All are very valid reasons for hating a club. But which club is the most hated in England?

Well, ‘English Football Statistician’ on Twitter has revealed all.

To work it out, a study has examined the number of chants aimed at each club - and there’s a clear winner.

In total, there are 12 clubs who have 20 or more chants aimed at them.

Let’s take a look:

Aston Villa - 20 chants

Burnley - 21 chants

Arsenal - 21 chants

Birmingham - 25 chants

Chelsea - 29 chants

Newcastle - 33 chants

Manchester United - 34 chants

Sunderland - 35 chants

Manchester City - 39 chants

Tottenham - 42 chants

Liverpool - 50 chants

Leeds - 117 chants


That’s right, Leeds are England’s most hated club with a massive 117 chants being sung about them.

But why does everyone seem to hate Leeds?

Much of the hatred stems back to the 1960s and 1970s when they became a force in English football under Don Revie. Success breeds contempt but they were a physical side and were dubbed ‘Dirty Leeds.’


Their fans also had a pretty bad reputation during the hooliganism culture in England during the 1970s and 1980s.

And despite dropping into the football league, rivals fans accuse Leeds supporters of arrogance and still believing they’re the biggest club in the country.

In truth, the hatred has been passed down generations and the inclusion of their name in chants has remained from years ago.

A return to the Premier League will only heighten that hatred you’d imagine.

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