Borussia Dortmund denied penalty against Bayern Munich after shot strikes Jerome Boateng's arm


Borussia Dortmund's Erling Haaland was denied a penalty against Bayern Munich after his shot struck Jerome Boateng's arm.

In the second half, with Dortmund trailing 1-0, Boateng blocked Haaland's shot with his arm but neither the referee or VAR intervened.

Football fans were surprised at the lack of any use of VAR. Boating certainly appeared to be in an unnatural position but there were minimal complains from the Dortmund players.

The game is considered a title-decider in the Bundesliga.

Joshua Kimmich gave Bayern a 1-0 lead just before half-time but Dortmund, probably, should have been given the chance to level the scores from the penalty spot.

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