Manchester United's 'final design' for 2020/21 home shirt is a huge improvement

  • Kobe Tong

Manchester United fans have been worried about their 2020/21 jerseys for some time.

Full images of their away kit leaked at the back end of last week, but the fanbase merely shrugged their shoulders at the allegedly green top with an average-looking pattern print.

As for the ‘Dazzle Camo’ texturing that has been mooted for the third kit, it’s fair to say the early sketches show it has the potential to be one of the worst Premier League shirts in history.

So, bearing that in mind, you can see why United fans were at the end of their tether by the time ‘leaked’ images of their home kit brought about comparisons to a bus seat.

The ever-reliable uploaded early pictures of the home jersey that showed intense yellow, white and black etchings like an Adidas football that fans can purchase.

Ditching the ‘bus seat’ design

But it wasn’t just the prototype images that had everybody believing that United would be wearing a ‘bus seat’ next season and Barcelona even stirred the pot on their YouTube channel.

Their original thumbnail for a PES2020 simulation between the two clubs showed a digital Paul Pogba in the very jersey that had been causing fans to pull their hair out on social media.

However, hold your horses, because there has been a twist in the tail and it seems as though Adidas might just have listened to all the criticism raining in on their ‘original’ template.


The ‘final design’ has been leaked

That’s because freshly reported on Tuesday that the ‘final’ design for the United home shirt had been leaked and it looks far, far better than the bus seat effort.

Strictly speaking, it has the exact same white, black and yellow etchings that caused so much drama in the first place, but you can see how much Adidas have toned them down.

They blend in to the red body of the jersey pretty seamlessly and are nicely rounded off by the classic Adidas three stripes on the shoulders in a crisp white.

The full extent of the reaction from United fans is yet to be gauged, but those who have stumbled upon the final leak are much happier with it than the brash and bold original. 


For our money, we’re fans of it, which is saying something considering how much of an eyesore the previous leak was in spite of this actually being pretty similar.

It goes to show that taking an idea and turning the gauge up to 11 with it isn’t always the best course of action. Sometimes less is more and they got it more or less right here.

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