Cristiano Ronaldo reminds fans of his early Man Utd days with lockdown hairstyle

  • Kobe Tong

Cristiano Ronaldo has gone through more haircuts in his career than we can count.

When you’re one of the greatest footballers of all time and something of a fashion icon to boot, it’s only fair that you keep the fans guessing with a revolving door of trims and styles.

However, even CR7 isn’t immune to the fact hairdressers across Europe were forced to close as the coronavirus pandemic forced non-essential shops and services to bring down the shutters.

It’s been a scenario that, albeit one born from tragic circumstances, has entertained football fans with the amusing haircuts that it’s forced professional players to try and style out.

We’ve seen Ashley Young and N’Golo Kante ditching their usual baldness, Roberto Firmino looks like he’s been zapped in from the 1980s and Alisson Becker wouldn’t look out of place on the Castaway set.

Ronaldo’s lockdown trims

As for Ronaldo, you’d think that he’d casually have a resident hairdresser on hand to sort him out but alas, the great man is in the same boat as so many of us.

Footage from early April showed his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez attempting to tame his locks with a shaver, prompting the Juventus star to whip out his trademark ‘Siiiuuuu’ celebration.

But we’re unsure he was quite as happy when one of Rodriguez’s Instagram posts last week showed her practising her hairdressing skills by giving him a questionable braid.


Ronaldo’s throwback haircut

However, all this fiddling and styling seems to have achieved is sending Ronaldo’s style back to his early days with Manchester United.

The 35-year-old decided to give his millions of fans an update on his barnet across social media on Tuesday, uploading a photograph of his untamed hair with the caption: “Approved?”

We’re not sure about that, Cristiano, but there’s something about seeing Ronaldo with a similar tuft to the one he supported in 2003 that brings back a whole avalanche of memories. 


Like the good old days…

So many of the comments include pictures of Ronaldo during his debut season with United, sporting an alarmingly similar haircut, albeit a little louder with those iconic blonde highlights.

But the resemblance is definitely there and hopefully it’ll prompt the Portuguese superstar to bring back the constant step-overs and dribbling when Serie A returns.

Besides, it seems as though there’s throwback haircuts all over the place with Ronaldo’s eternal rival Lionel Messi either reminding fans of his 2015 style or 2007 countenance. 


There’s no hope for defences around Europe when Ronaldo is growing his hair out and Messi has ditched his beard with some longer locks himself. Their returns are going to be special.

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