WWE news: Randy Orton reveals he's casually bought his own private jet

Randy Orton has bought his own plane

Randy Orton has been one of WWE’s top stars for well over a decade now. 

He’s done it all in the ring and is one of the most decorated professional wrestlers in history. 

As you can imagine, The Viper has been rewarded for his effort over the years with a pretty handsome salary. 

The most recent report from Forbes last month revealed that Orton is WWE’s third highest-paid wrestler, behind just Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, on a salary of $4.1m. 

So with all that money in the bank, he can be excused for splashing the cash, right?

Well, Orton’s latest purchase has certainly got fans talking. 

He took to Instagram to show off his new private jet, boasting that he just ‘f***** around and bought a plane.’

The master of the RKO also captioned the photo of him enjoying his new ride ‘#HateButIDontBlameYou’. Check out the post below:

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So that’s what a multi-million dollar salary can buy you. We’re not jealous at all, Randy. 

The WWE star also referenced his upcoming match with Edge at Backlash by hashtagging the words ‘greatest wrestling match ever’ and ‘what a rib’.

It seems like many fans, he’s confused as to why the company are actually promoting his battle with the Rated-R Superstar as ‘the greatest wrestling match of all time.’ 

Edge and Orton go head to head at Backlash

There will be no gimmicks or stipulations this time around, unlike their Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania 36. 

We’ll have to wait and see what WWE have in store for us, but will Edge and Orton really be able to put on the greatest match ever? 

Even for all they’ve achieved during their careers, it seems highly unlikely. As The Viper has teased, maybe this is all a ‘rib’ from WWE?  

Orton appeared to mock the 'greatest match ever' promo

He probably won’t be losing any sleep over it on his new private jet, anyway.

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