WWE news: Fan ranks former WWE world champions from 'GOAT' to 'trash'

Punk was named amongst the GOATs of WWE

Wrestling fans love to debate who their greatest ever WWE champions are. 

For some, it's the modern-day heroes - Daniel Bryan or John Cena are often mentioned - for example. 

Others will argue that the Attitude Era world champs are superior... Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are very popular shouts. 

The beauty of it is, we can all have an opinion. 

One fan has decided to share his, by ranking former WWE champions from 'GOAT' to 'boring/trash'. 

The other categories in between are 'very good' 'decent reigns' and 'lacklustre'. 

Interestingly, four champions make it into the GOAT tier - CM Punk, AJ Styles, Cena and Bryan.

Only The Miz, Vince McMahon and Jinder Mahal have been placed in the 'trash' tier. Check out the full rankings below:

Former WWE champions have been ranked

There's certainly a lot to be debated here. 

First of all, not one star from the Attitude Era - widely regarded as the most iconic time in WWE - makes it into the GOAT tier.  

The likes of Stone Cold, Edge, Kurt Angle and The Rock do make it into the 'very good' tier, though. 

The Rock and Stone Cold aren't in the GOAT category

Modern-day stars like Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton are also in that category. 

Slightly further down the list, Sheamus, Batista, Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar and have been rated as having 'decent reigns'. 

Kane, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns fall into the 'lacklustre' tier. It's not the best place to be, but they did avoid joining McMahon, Miz and Mahal at the bottom. 

Reigns' title run has been rated as 'lacklustre'

Of course, there will be plenty of fans who disagree with those rankings, but the beauty of pro wrestling is that everyone can share their thoughts on the greatest of all time.  

Ranking them from best to worst makes that process even more intriguing, too. 

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