The 'forgotten' Lionel Messi goal that Thierry Henry described as 'the best I have seen'


Six hundred and twenty seven.

That’s the number of goals Lionel Messi has scored for Barcelona during his incredible career.

Those goals have seen him win 34 trophies for the club, including ten La Liga titles, four UEFA Champions League titles and six Copas del Rey.

But, perhaps more importantly, it's seen Messi win six Ballon d'Ors and establish himself as the greatest player to have ever played the game.

To pick just one goal - or one moment - from Messi’s career is to disregard dozens and dozens of unforgettable pieces of genius.


However, what about those ‘forgotten’ pieces of genius?

Well, Spanish outlet Marca have listed ‘forgotten’ moments from the career of Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and Pele.

Messi’s ‘forgotten’ moment was his incredible solo goal against Malaga.

In the 2018 film ’Take The Ball, Pass The Ball’ - based on Pep Guardiola’s four-year spell in charge of the Catalan giants - Thierry Henry remembered the greatest goal he’s ever seen Messi score.


“The best goal I’ve seen him score was against Malaga at home because that defied logic what he did,” Henry - who was on the pitch at the time - said.

“Diagonal ball, he controls it on his chest, runs full speed. First player goes, second player is just behind. He takes another step, that player can clear the ball.


“If he’s got the ball on his left foot here, how do you go back with that same leg and touch the ball in the air, in between the two to make sure that guy doesn’t touch it - and then almost fail but smash it into the top corner. That’s not normal.”

Take a look at the goal in all its glory here:


For most players, a goal like that would be their career highlight.

For Messi, it’s a ‘forgotten’ goal.

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