WWE News: Mike Tyson sparks mass brawl after pushing Chris Jericho on AEW Dynamite


10 years ago, Mike Tyson and Chris Jericho came to blows on WWE.

Tyson and Jericho teamed up in 2010 to fight D-Generation X in a tag-team match.

However, Tyson would go on to betray his partner as he knocked him out to end the match.

On Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, the two were back in the ring once again.

‘Iron Mike’ confronted Jericho on stage flanked by several massive names in the MMA world.

Among those that walked out alongside him included Henry Cejudo, Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort.

Jericho immediately brought up that match a decade ago, demanding that Tyson apologise for knocking him out.

But Tyson wasn’t having any of it. The 53-year-old proclaimed that Jericho was a ‘sucker’ and that he ‘deserved’ what he got.

With tensions rising, Tyson ripped his shirt off and then pushed Jericho. 

Jericho retaliated and that sparked a mass brawl.

Tyson had to be held back by his entourage and it took several minutes for him to leave stage.

Watch it below:

While backstage, Tyson promised that he was ‘coming back’ and that Jericho was going to get his ‘ass kicked’.

This is surely not the last we’ve heard of this.

In 2015, Jericho spoke about how ‘terrifying’ it is to take a punch from Tyson.

“The moment before he swung at me, I told him, ‘Just wait until I put my hands up in the air, and swing,'” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2015 of that night on RAW.

“Time stood still. I am the craziest man on the planet right now because I’m waiting for Iron Mike Tyson to take a swing at me.


“I thought ‘I’m going to let him do it. Hopefully, he’s going to do it the proper way. But what if he’s mad? What if he misses?’

“He barely grazed me, but I felt a wind go by my face. That’s how fast he swung. It was like a ‘Swoosh!’ Who swings that hard and leaves a vapour trail?!

“He was so fast and so powerful. I couldn’t imagine how powerful he was 20 years earlier.”

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