Hafthor Bjornsson has already lost a lot of weight for Eddie Hall fight


Hafthor Bjornsson announced a dramatic weight change, a crazy 18-kilogram drop, via Instagram this week.

Bjornsson, who won the 2018 World’s Strongest Man and is the current deadlift world record holder, posted on social media about his morning gym session where he mentioned his svelte new weight.

The Icelandic strongman now weighs in at 188kg, down from 206 when he “started this journey”.

Bjornsson certainly doesn’t seem to waste time in setting and achieving his goals.

In fact, just days after winning the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic in Ohio in March, his training for a world-record 501kg deadlift began.

'The Mountain' lifted that on May 2, shattering the world record in a gym in Iceland, which he shared to the world via live stream.

In the interview after he had toppled that particular feat, Bjornsson confirmed that he had agreed to compete in the boxing ring in September 2021.

He will face none other than fellow World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall, who won the title in 2017, a year prior to Bjornsson.

With the fight well over a year away, Bjornsson has typically shifted his focus accordingly, and quickly.

This was showcased in a latest social media post when the weightlifter announced that he had trimmed an incredible 39 pounds off.

He will fight Eddie Hall in Las Vegas, and his Instagram post depicted a much leaner Bjornsson, his fists taped up like a boxer and a mean look on his face.

The post was perhaps a response to Eddie Hall’s YouTube video, where he claimed to have lost 22 pounds since lockdown was initiated in Britain in March.

Anything Hall can do, 'The Mountain' can do better, it seems.

Bjornsson shared that he had been partaking in circuit training, a drastic change that helped him improve his conditioning and he attributed it to his massive weight loss.

The September 2021 fight will see two man-mountains tackle one another in the ring. A fight that will see both men drop considerable weight, applying the same tactics of losing weight and focusing on speed.

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