Grand Theft Auto 6 release date possibly hinted at in brand new report


The question that has troubled the minds of gamers for years and years was finally answered this week.

The question being: ‘When will ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ finally be released?’

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ released to much fanfare back in 2013 and we are currently seven years from that date, the longest stretch of time between iterations of the main series.

Now, of course, we’ve had ‘Grand Theft Auto: Online’ to play in the interim period.

There hasn’t been much indication from Rockstar or elsewhere that we would be in for a new main series title, either.

Until now.

A report courtesy of VentureBeat removed doubts from fans’ minds, although not as much as some would like.

Whilst nothing has been confirmed or set in stone, there is a lot of speculation and rumour swirling, thanks to numbers released by Rockstar and parent company Take-Two this week.

It is widely believed that the company will inflate its marketing budget to a staggering $89 million in the fiscal year of 2023-24.

This is by no means the norm from the company, which has fanned the flames that ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ will be released in this timeframe: between April 2023 and March 2024.

Analyst Jeff Cohen from investment firm Stephens has joined in on the speculation, claiming that the dramatic increase in marketing cost could be due to a new ‘Grand Theft Auto’ title.


In a letter to investors, Cohen wrote: “We are not sure how much we should be reading into this shift, but we would note that this disclosure accurately predicted the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 prior to that game’s announcement.

“[Take-Two management] has spoken very confidently about the pipeline over the next five years and existing live services execution has been excellent. However, the timing of the next Grand Theft Auto remains top-of-mind for investors, particularly with the stock near all-time-highs.”

Cohen’s data reveals that Take-Two’s committed marketing spend, as of May 2020, shows a steady increase in marketing spending from $11 million in 2021 to $40 million in 2023 before the aforementioned sharp rise in 2024 before returning to $39 million in 2025.

In April, it was widely reported that the new ‘Grand Theft Auto’ title was finally in development, still in its early phases.

Whilst ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ continues to sell at a rapid pace, the incredibly tentative release date of 2023 or 2024, appears entirely plausible.

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