Video of Lionel Messi's charity work shows 'why everyone should love' him

  • Kobe Tong

Lionel Messi is one of the talented individuals to ever call themselves a sportsperson.

It's easy to forget about Messi's broader cultural significance when you're so ensconced in the world of football, but these troubling times have underpinned sport's wider roll in communities.

There's a real hunger for the 'beautiful game' to return to pitches around the planet to give those fighting the COVID-19 pandemic a lift. Once it's safe to do so, of course.

And as La Liga tentatively prepares for a mid-June return, it shouldn't be long before Messi and his Barcelona teammates - who are already back in training - make their long-awaited comeback.

Messi's worldwide appeal means you can visit near enough any nation around the world and find children playing with his replica jersey on their backs.

Messi as a role model

And it's for that reason that Messi taking to the pitch before and after the coronavirus pandemic means more than just remarkable dribbles, sensational goals and genius passes.

When you're an iconic on Messi's level - we're talking about someone with six Ballon d'Or trophies, after all - you are essentially a global role model and ambassador by osmosis.

But it's a role that Messi embraces with open arms, sending important messages through his humble attitude to life and work, remaining grounded despite his superstardom.


Video of Messi's charitable side

And just like his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo, the Barcelona legend is also actively involved with charitable causes and has repeatedly used his world-record wages for good.

According to the Evening Standard, the 33-year-old made a donation of €500,000 to help the fight against coronavirus in Argentina earlier this month.

It's a side to Messi that has been perfectly highlighted in the latest YouTube video from master editor 'MagicalMessi' in a compilation of all the Argentine's finest philanthropic moments.

So, let's put all the footballing chat to the side for a moment and just enjoy Messi for the graceful and charitable way in which he represents the sport we all love.

Take a bow, Leo.

Messi never asked for the fame that comes with his privileged job nor is he obliged to spend his wealth charitably, but he does it anyway and it's something to be applauded.

The same goes to Ronaldo and all the other athletes in the world who have given out their hard-earned money to people in need around the world.  


Perhaps this time more than ever underlines how football and sport can be so insignificant, but that doesn't mean it can't be a significant vehicle in combatting whatever makes it insignificant.

Messi has typified that perfectly with his charitable work and long may he bring as much happiness away from the pitch as he does on it.

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