Super Nintendo World Japan is nearing completion as image emerges


Super Nintendo World in Osaka, Japan is looking like it’s near to being complete after images surfaced online from a likely unauthorised source which shows the theme park seemingly in its final stages of preparation.

It could be time to get excited Nintendo fans.

There have, of course, been images shown before (officially) of what the park would look like, but this is the best look yet at how the park will look like when it opens.

One notable cool feature of the park is the presence of both Bowser and Peach’s castles, which are in opposite corners of the park. 

There are also plenty of Mario-themed additions to the park, including warp pipes. In addition to this, there are also Mario Kart and Yoshi-themed rides.

Admittedly, the park doesn’t look massive, but it looks like they have managed to make the most of the space, fitting in plenty of Nintendo-based entertainment.

The height that the photo is taken at suggests that whoever collected the footage of the park must have used a drone.

The park was meant to open alongside the Tokyo Olympic Games, but with them now cancelled because of coronavirus, the park’s opening date is understandably delayed as well.

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However, due to the Games being moved to next summer, it is likely that the park will open in time for them then.

The latest news from the team behind the park is that they are considering their re-opening date and that they are monitoring the current situation. 

Some good news though, however, is that Universal have announced that they have plans to open similar attractions in Hollywood, Singapore and Orlando.

Yes, it is still miles away from the UK, but if you don’t fancy the trip to Japan, there’s more options for you if you fancy getting in on some Nintendo-themed park action.

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