The world's best FIFA player earns more money than a Championship player


Want to earn a lot of money? Enjoy gaming? Then a career in professional gaming could be for you.

Only the very best eSports players reach the point where they can actually earn money from their skills with the controller, but it can prove to be very lucrative.

Indeed, the top-ranked FIFA player in the world is living a pretty lavish lifestyle.

‘TekKz’ – real name Donovan Hunt – is the top-ranked FIFA player in the world. In his career he’s earned $376,625. have crunched the numbers by comparing his earnings to those of real professional footballers.

And the results are pretty surprising.

Their data shows that TekKz, who plays for Fnatic and the British national team, earns $78,500 for every competitive game of FIFA he plays.

If he were to play a game every week, his earnings for the year would be little more than $4 million.

This is more than any player at Brighton, Sheffield United or Norwich City takes home.

TekKz took home $22,000 when he won the FUT Champions Cup 2018 Grand Final in Barcelona. He’s also won a FUT Champions Cup tournament while playing FIFA 20.


(Image: Instagram – dhtekkz)

And the teenager – Hunt turns 18 in June – makes more money per game than a Championship footballer.

TekKz would need to play just nine competitive FIFA games to get the same wage as a Championship player, who by comparison will play 46 games in a season.


A report in the Daily Mail in April reported that the average Championship player earns £29,000 a year.

The difference is, of course, that football players are guaranteed their salaries, while TekKz makes most of his money when he’s successful.

However, when you throw in the fact that he also has a thriving YouTube channel with more than 600,000 subscribers, he’s not just relying on one source of income.

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