Highlights of the fight 'Floyd Mayweather lost' that even Donald Trump called a fix

  • Will Day

An old set of tweets have been uncovered with the US President claiming former pound-for-pound number one Floyd Mayweather actually should have lost his undefeated status against Marcos Maidana back in 2014. 

Donald Trump has been involved in his fair share of controversy over his short time as US President, but before his time at the White House, he would often tweet about sporting events, and on this occasion, he was left fuming with the judges’ decision to give ‘Money’ another win on his record. 

In a set of tweets, Trump claimed that Maidana ‘won the fight’ and Mayweather had ‘fixed the bout’ in order to get the decision from the judges. 

The judges’ scorecards on the night read: Burt A Clements 117-111 | Dave Moretti 116-112 | Michael Pernick 114-114 after the end of 12 rounds. 

Trump, two years before entering the White House, was clearly animated about the decision, taking to Twitter, saying: “No way! Judges say Mayweather won. Investigation should take place. Fix?”

He soon added: “The Mayweather decision is a disgrace!”

Going into the fight, Mayweather was in fine form with a record of 45-0 and seemingly destroying anyone who stood across from him in the ring. 

Despite this, and in fairness to Trump, Maidana controlled the first few rounds of the fight, before Mayweather eventually came into his own, controlling the majority of the later rounds. 

Maidana did trouble Mayweather in the early rounds, but in the eyes of judges on that night, did not do enough to dethrone the number one pound-for-pound fighter. 


His opponent, nicknamed ‘Chino’, even managed to knock out one of the American’s teeth, and he won a lot of supporters that night, with many thinking he should have taken Mayweather’s undefeated status.

The Argentinian did, however, manage to land a big money rematch for his troubles. 

Despite losing the rematch much more convincingly, there are still rumours of a trilogy fight with the Argentinian returning to training. 

Maidana and his team said: “The boxing world knows who won. Yes to Floyd Mayweather.” 

Although the trilogy fight rumour floats around, Mayweather has consistently denied any notion of a return to the ring since announcing he would fight twice in 2020 late last year. 

It seems the current crisis certainly has had a knock-on effect on those plans. 

For Trump, focus is now firmly on re-election hopes, where the businessman remains optimistic as to his chances of landing another four years in the White House.

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