UFC news: Fighters have been ranked from 'GOAT Status' to 'Not A Fighter'


Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to who is the best UFC fighter.

Some would argue it is ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor, others will say maybe it’s Anderson Silva. Some may even include the trailblazing Ronda Rousey in the GOAT discussion.

Well, thanks to Tiermaker.com, there is now a ranking system in place where you can now put various UFC fighters starting with the highest being ‘GOAT Status’ right the way down to ‘Not A Fighter’.

Unsurprisingly, Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre have been considered GOATs, as well as the controversial Jon Jones because of the number of title wins that he has had.

This is a fact shared by UFC President Dana White, who said: “There is no debate Jon Jones is the GOAT.

“People say that he got beat but the three people that matter said that he didn’t.

“You can hate our judging but the three people that sit ringside say that Jon Jones has never lost a fight.”

The next tier down is ‘Legend’, where the likes of Conor McGregor are placed with Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Irishman has a net worth, according to mideasy.com’s rich list, of a remarkable $120 million recorded in 2020.

The current lightweight champion referred to as ‘The Eagle’ currently has an impressive 28-0 record, as well as a win over the aforementioned McGregor.

Fighters considered ‘Future Legends’ and ‘Good’ are the subsequent next tiers down.


This, however, is where it gets interesting as the following tier, Overrated, contains the likes of former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey.

Indeed, the placement of those particular fighters in that tier are certainly up for discussion as they both have the tendency to divide fans’ opinion.

The final two ranking sections are named ‘Trash’ and ‘Not A Fighter’.

The latter tier only includes former WWE superstar CM Punk, otherwise known as Philip Jack Brooks. That is certainly the case at the moment, despite beginning his career as a UFC fighter, he now is once again employed by FOX as a backstage analyst.

Let us know your thoughts? What do you think of these tier rankings and how these fighters have been placed?

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