WWE news: Vince McMahon ‘resents it’ when wrestlers ‘get over’ and it isn’t part of his plan

McMahon 'resents' wrestlers going over if it's not in his plan

Vince McMahon holds the career of every WWE wrestler in the palm of his hand. 

The boss could choose to push a Superstar as easily as he can decide to bury one. 

WWE likes to share the narrative that their talent needs to ‘reach out and grab the brass ring’ to make it to the top in professional wrestling.

But that sentiment doesn’t always hold true.  

Superstars like Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder have famously been held back by management despite being fan favourites, while Roman Reigns has been pushed to the moon and back. 

The career of a WWE wrestler really does depend on McMahon’s opinion, it seems.  

This is something that Matt Cardona (who wrestled as Zack Ryder in WWE) and Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) have been discussing recently on the Talk is Jericho podcast. 

Myers mentioned that WWE management hasn’t bothered to give the ‘brass ring speech’ since 2012 because ‘they know it’s not true.’ 

Hawkins says WWE stars aren't in control of their careers

“Every year, as long as I was in WWE, the Raw after ‘Mania we have this BS TV meeting where we say, ‘The brass ring is there. It’s yours. It’s a fresh year. Who’s gonna get it?'” he said, per Cultaholic.

“Ever since Long Island Z and the whole Z storyline they don’t even bother with that meeting any more because they know that it’s not true.

“Even if you grab the brass ring, you’re going to get your hand smacked, and if they don’t want you to have it you’re not going to have it.” 

Hawkins and Ryder feel they were held back in WWE

That statement led to Chris Jericho revealing that McMahon ‘resents’ pushing Superstars who organically get over because if he doesn’t think of it, ‘it’s not real.’

“There really is a little bit of a strange resentment if Vince doesn’t think of it, it’s not valid, it’s not real,” Jericho said.

“The same thing happened with Daniel Bryan when he first came in. 

“I mean, Vince didn’t like him because he was a vegan and all these other reasons, and he went and got over because he knows how to get over. 

Jericho reveals McMahon resents wrestlers who get over themselves

“They still resisted it for so long before they had no other choice. I feel the same thing happened with Zack Ryder.” 

It’s very strange to hear how McMahon treats talent that ‘go over’ without his help. Imagine being good at your job and being resented by your boss for it. Madness! 

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