WWE news: Chris Jericho confirms AEW are in talks to get Mike Tyson to wrestle actual match

AEW could have Tyson wrestle Jericho

A decade ago, Mike Tyson and Chris Jericho famously crossed paths in WWE. 

The pair teamed up against D-Generation X on Monday Night RAW, but the boxing icon turned on his partner, laying him out in the centre of the ring with a KO punch.

Flash forward 10 years and both men were present at AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV last weekend and on Dynamite a couple of nights later. 

It seemed inevitable that Jericho and Tyson would cross paths again – and that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night. 

While ‘Le Champion’ was cutting a promo, he was interrupted by Iron Mike and a number of massive MMA stars, who came to join him in the ring.

Naturally, Jericho demanded an apology for being ‘knocked out’ back in WWE, but he didn’t get one. Instead, a mass brawl broke out. 

So, what’s all this going to lead to? Well according to Jericho himself, we could well see Tyson in a wrestling match soon.   

“Obviously, the idea is to do something more. That’s the thought process, I think between both parties,” the AEW star told ESPN

“What that is at this moment, we’re thinking and discussing. Look, Chris Jericho versus Mike Tyson in a wrestling match, in a street fight, in a boxing match, would be big.

“I’m not Mike Tyson. I’m not 1/1,000th of Mike Tyson, but I’ve been boxing for six years. I know how to box. I could win fights on my own against people of my skill level.

“So if that’s what he wants to do, that works too. Whatever he feels comfortable with, I can make it good. That’s what I do for a living. That’s what I’ve been doing for 30 years.” 

Tyson could end up having a match in AEW. Credit: AEW

As well as hyping an actual match, Jericho also explained he’s excited to see where the storyline build will go. 

“But to me, it’s the buildup and the angle and all the things we can do. That’s what wrestling is all about – the storyline,” he continued.

“The match is the cherry on top. But it’s the build that’s really the most entertaining part, and the part that gets people really involved.

“So whatever it is that we decide to do as we move forward, it’ll be great.

Jericho wants a match with Tyson. Credit: AEW

“You have one of the most iconic boxers – and most iconic personalities – of all time against one of the greatest pro wrestlers and personalities of all time. It writes itself.” 

Should AEW be able to convince Tyson to participate in a full match, that would be money. To have him do it with Jericho? Well, that’s something every wrestling fan would want to see, surely? 

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