Sports fan creates the ultimate holiday-style bar in his back garden


There are few things better than relaxing in the sun on holiday – with a drink in hand – watching some sporting action.

Unfortunately, for reasons we are all well aware of, that does not look like it is going to be possible this year.

One man, however, was so determined not to miss out on the experience that he literally built his own bar in his back garden.

Now, we’ve all seen our share of makeshift pubs and bars on social media in recent weeks, but 38-year-old Stephen Andrew has taken things to a whole new level!

Having been forced to scrap a planned summer trip to the Canary Islands, Stephen wanted to replicate the feel of a holiday sports bar in his home – and he has done it very well.

“Me and my mate decided to build it one day when we were having a beer in the garden,” Stephen told “I just thought I’d love one of those pool type bars on holiday. I did a rough drawing of what I wanted and went for it.”

And so he set to work, constructing a bar in his own back garden, complete with patio, fish tank and large screen projector. The project is even topped off with a large traditional pub banner reading: “Sky Sports Live Here”.

Stephen’s set up is impressive – and did not break the bank either, costing him just £600 to create.

A big UFC fan, Stephen has already been getting his money’s worth out of his creation, with the MMA leader holding events regularly since early May. However, Stephen is most looking forward to using the bar when football returns to our screens next month.


“So far it’s been all repeated stuff (football-wise) except for the German football. I can’t wait till the 17th when the Premier League starts again. It will be great for future World Cups and European Championships,” said the Celtic supporter. “I like watching all the UFC and boxing events, I’d love a Joshua v Fury fight night party.”

Believe it or not, Stephen’s only complaint about his garden oasis is that he currently has too much beer.

“A keg is around £100 and that gives you 88 pints of beer. It’s good when folk come round, but you still end up trying to give pints away to anyone who will take them.”

With lockdown gradually being eased in Scotland to allow meetings in gardens, you would imagine that he will not have this problem for much longer!

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